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True to Scale and detail

When we plan our upcoming models we always keep the most important factors in mind. Quality and price! Our products are highly price competitive and still astounish our customers with great quality. That’s why our customers love us and the Torro brand has become the top dog when it comes to RC military models over the past 15 years. Even so our models are mostly in 1:16 due to huge demand, we sometimes spice things up with different scale models.

Infrared (IR) tank battles

Our tanks can be used to battle against each other with an infrared function. Strike effects highlight each successful hit of the opponents tank. Endless fun for up to 16 players with our 2.4 GHz Edition. Customers can decide between an IR or BB Version.

6mm airsoft (BB) shooting function

Our tanks feature a 6mm BB shooting function. Depending on the model the tank is able to carry 10-15 bb bullets until they need to refilled. The tank has a shooting range of up to 25-30 meters depending on the wind. Our models are restricted for ages 14+.

Original design manufacturer

With over 15 years of experience in the radio control & die-cast business we are more than experienced when it comes down to creating professional original products based on your ideas or wishes. Get in touch to discuss possible cooperations.

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