Infrared (IR) tank battles

Our tanks can be used to battle against each other with an infrared function. Strike effects highlight each sucessful hit of the opponents tank. Endless fun for up to 16 players with our 2.4 GHz Edition. Customers can decide between an IR or BB Version.

6mm airsoft (BB) shooting function

Our tanks feature a 6mm BB shooting function. Depending on the model the tank is able to carry 10-15 bb bullets until they need to refilled. The tank has a shooting range of up to 25-30 meters depending on the wind. Our models are restricted for ages 14+.

Realistic Sound effects

To be fair – our tanks don’t really have this explosion effect. But what our models feature is a realistic sound. We use sounds from originals wherever possible to maximize the fun of our customers. Sound Upgrade Kits are also available for ambitious customers.


Through handmade airbrush varnish each of our models becomes a unique piece. Weathering effects are applied with attention to detail to give the tank the final touch. That’s on eof the reasons our model are a must-have for ambitioned tank enthusiasts.

Realistic Smoke function

Our tank models utilize a smoke unit to produce fumes to mimic the originales. Smoke liquid is already included in a little bottle in the tank accessories. The smoke function can be turned off, if desired.

high quality Steel gear box set

We strive to achieve the lowest possible faulty rate. That is why all of our models have steel gear box sets. Unlike with normal plastic or zinc gearboxes, the lifespan of our models was greatly increased with out upgraded steel gear box sets.

PRO FEATURE: 360° Turret rotation

Most of our pro edition models have a 360° turret rotation. (Except models without any turret rotation in the original version). The special turret rotation kit allows an endless spin. It’s a premium feature of our pro series.


Available in the IR Versions (and some BB versions) the barrel recoil is a highlight for many of our customers. The recoil effect is making every shot a special one. This feature is a great addition to make our tanks as realistic and fun as possible.

PRO FEATURE: Wooden case

Our pro edition models have a real wooden case. No paper box packing which will be thrown away. This crate is ideal for storing & transporting the model safely. Each model has a different wooden box due to different measures.